We, like many other Italian companies, took action to reduce the negative effects of our production by reducing waste and removing toxic gas emissions in order not to pollute the atmosphere, water and soil. This means we have made a choice of green economy, also because this, for our country, is representing an extraordinary key to regenerate Made in Italy. The intention is to establish a new development model based on quality, innovation and environmental values.

Made in Italy

The decision to produce entirely in Italy has strong roots in the history and craft tradition of the Group, which started more than 70 years ago as a small furniture factory in the heart of the Friuli furniture district. Obtaining 100% Made in Italy certification encompasses a world of choices related to suppliers, materials, production processes and attention to detail. In a word, passion.

UNI EN ISO9001 Certification

Significant investments have been made in the introduction of highly technological machinery, in addition to a historical workforce and an entire production chain based on constant controls and precise organisation, formalised by UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, first activated in 1993. Download here our quality policy.

Green philosophy

Photovoltaic panels

Thanks to the implementation of solar panels on the roof of the production plant, started in 2021, the goal is energy self-sufficiency, which will have benefits on the environmental footprint of the Group’s companies.

Water-based paints

A process is underway to phase out the use of solvents in varnishing, which is already operational for matt lacquered water-based lacquers. Thanks to the very low solvent residue content, it is possible to drastically reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which become

Wood panels

The selected wood panels comply with CARB2 standards, i.e. they are formaldehyde-free, and are also FSC® certified, i.e. they come from well-managed and responsible forests.

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