Passion, craftsmanship and Italian design. Our aim is to offer furnishing solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality, able to furnish all spaces in the home and in the contract industry.


DA Group was created to bring together well-known brands in the Italian furniture industry, offering design solutions for every space. Each firm belonging of the group boasts long experience, strong specialisation and range depth, but benefits from group synergies, such as sharing materials, finishes and modularity. Spaces thus become fluid, customised and perfectly coordinated between all the brands.



Export all over the world




Women workers




Prepared packages (2021)

10 MLN

Invested in 2021-23 towards environmental sustainability, renewal of machinery and production facilities, and worker safety


Complete in-house production cycle

Thanks to a large and renovated historical production site, all processing steps for each wood panel are carried out in-house. From panel sizing, veneering and squaring-edgebanding to more traditional painting or special effects, carried out with care and craftsmanship. The flagship is the upholstery department, where skilful hands shape models with sinuous forms.

4.0 Industrial production

Significant investments were allocated to the implementation of an innovative industrial 4.0 plant with a high degree of automation, which operates in real time by interacting with the company’s design software, acquiring and processing data with perfect synchrony and precision. The panel processing stages are carried out by machines that operate in ‘nesting’ mode continuously, optimising production times as much as possible.

Tailor made solutions

In addition to the trendy collections for every room, there are 35% highly tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of a constantly evolving international market. This is possible thanks to the use of technologically advanced machinery, highquality materials and just-in-time production.

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