Listen to the words of our art director, where he tells us how he revolutionised the company’s style and presents the new DA Group products exposed at Fuorisalone 2023, which combine aesthetic value, technology and functionality.

Total living DA Group

Total living is based on the application of a stylistic coherence that creates a unique and harmonious design where each room of the house is coordinated with the others, guaranteeing continuity and timeless beauty. Furnishing is therefore no longer dictated only by the latest trends, but is changed into a harmony of colours, inspirations and materials where each room flows seamlessly, where the transition from one room to another occurs naturally, almost imperceptibly. The heart of this concept is the attention to detail, the search for precious materials and the careful choice of colours that weave between the rooms, creating a visual symphony that stimulates the senses and captures attention.

It is from this approach that the group was born, where, thanks to sharing materials, finishes and modularity, spaces become fluid and perfectly coordinated between the 3 brands, Dallagnese, Comprex and Birex.

DA group, with its new stylistic hallmark, allows to furnish the house at 360 degrees, generating the idea of a complete total living. As a matter of fact Birex, Comprex and Dallagnese are able to coexist in a single home and give a higher perception of what is DA Group’s new world of home living.

Dallagnese, Comprex and Birex furnish every corner of the house.

New products previewed by the group during Fuorisalone 2023 demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative, high-quality design solutions for every home environment. From Comprex kitchens, with their fusion of technology and impeccable style, to Dallagnese‘s living area furniture, characterised by smart space solutions, without neglecting the night area with its sophistication and functionality. Finally, the bathroom, where Birex impresses with innovative and modern solutions.

Through the innovative use of materials, the fusion of styles and attention to detail, DA Group promises to provide customised home solutions designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.