This year’s Fuorisalone was a special event for DA Group, which presented its many 2023 new products: a unique opportunity to show off the synergies between the group’s three brands, Dall’Agnese, Comprex and Birex.

Fuorisalone 2023

Comprex kitchen

Design week was the perfect occasion to present the relaunch of the Comprex brand and show a preview of the new kitchen. A winning mix that combines functionality, design and a high technological element such as the induction top in mdi inalco, a material that marks a real turning point in interior design.

Dall’Agnese news


The event also gave the opportunity to appreciate the new features of Dall’Agnese wardrobes such as the new folding doors, the new glass fabric effect and new interiors. Great success also for the elements of the living area and the Tabula sofa, a modular and functional sofa previewed during Design Week that once again demonstrates the group’s effort to propose innovative and functional design solutions for every environment.

Major by Birex

Ample space was also dedicated to the new Major bathroom by Birex: a composition in which the top, lowered from the sides and fronts, creates a unique and distinctive style. An aesthetic linearity in which different materials and thicknesses create an original and innovative interplay of volumes.

The new DA Group concept presented during Milano Design Week 2023 therefore allowed us to appreciate the group’s total living where sharing materials, finishes and modularity allows spaces to become fluid and coordinated between the different brands.